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Pawnee Pecans

The Pawnee is medium to large in size and is high kernel quality.  It's our most popular pecan for snacking.  

Kanza Pecans

A smaller papershell variety, the Kanza is comparable to the Elliot pecan.  It's small to medium in size and has a rich buttery flavor.  It's quickly becoming one of the most popular varieties in Oklahoma.

Native Pecans

Native pecans are noted for their high oil content, small size and thick, hard to crack shells. 

Pecan Oil

Pecan oil has a light and buttery taste imparting a touch of nutty flavor without overpowering any recipe. With a higher smoke point (470 F) compared to canola (400 F) and olive oil (320 F) , the pecan oil and its flavor are able to stay intact longer and at higher cooking temperatures. Pecan oil also is lower in saturated fat than oilve oil (9.5% vs 13.5%). A very versatile ingredient for any chef or home cook.

Gift Shipping

Send those you love the best gift of all...Knight Creek Farms pecans, pecan oil or pecan candies!

Custom Cracking

We are more than happy to custom crack your pecans to help save you time and money. We usually have about a one to two day turn around time.

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